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  • पान. नं : ३०३२११५०५
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Agricultural and animal husbandry loans

Agricultural and animal husbandry loans

Interest Rate: 11%


Integrated agriculture (chicken, bungur, fish, grass) Agricultural forest, vegetable farming, fruit farming, nuddyali, food grains, agricultural equipment purchases, sewage purchases, chicken farming, fishing, fishing, cha cultivated, floral farming, coffee cultivation, tea The loan provided for farming, nursery, animal husbandry etc etc. will be called agriculture and livestock loan. 
Limit and duration of loan
The headline and duration of the debt will be maintained as per the above title. 
A) Small Project Area Project will be provided an extraordinary maximum Rs. 3 lakh loan and its maximum fare will remain for 2 years. 
B) MWA project project will be provided to the maximum maximum Rs. 3 to 10 lakh and its maximum duration will be for 3 years.
C) Large project: Large project will be provided more than Rs. 10 lakhs. The payment period will be for 5 years. 
3 Interpretations 
In this title, the Board of Intermediate Board will be in force from time to time. 
4 Grace Time:
All the loan mentioned above will be provided for maximum maximum duration of 3 months. But during the period of grace time, the payment schedule should be made according to the time mentioned in the filing table.
5 Payment Mode:
Payment of debt will be done in a tall or documentary manner. Monthly or monthly document will be implemented on the basis of mutual consent by analyzing the income of the project and the debtor. But the monthly interest rate will be 1% less than quarterly records.


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