• द. नं:३५२/०५५/०५६
  • पान. नं : ३०३२११५०५
  • +०४८-५४०३८० , +०४८-५४०६८०

Child Future Savings

Child Future Savings

Interest Rate: 7%


The account opened within 6 months of children born within the family members is called Child Future Savings Account. When opening such an account 500 rupees on behalf of the organization- Khata will be added further. Monthly minimum 25. This account will be collected on this account.
In the 6 months of the birth of the children born within the family of the member, the account must be deposited monthly. No such amount will be available for a period of 16 years. 

Other Saving

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Interest: 0%

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Interest: 8%

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Interest: 6%

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Interest: 5%

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Interest: 11%