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Industrial loan and business loan

Industrial loan and business loan

Interest Rate: 12%


For the industrial business of the members, the capital will be applied in the field of plastic, furniture, pusamina, cloth, grey, germant, carpet, paper industry, printing, brick industry, crusher industry, bakery, shoes and slippers, spices, handicraft, biscuits etc. Loans are called a loan loan. 
1. This type of loan will be maximum for 5 years. 
2 grace time 
Gross time of maximum up to 6 months can be provided in all the loans mentioned. But during the period of Grace, interest will be made to pay according to the time mentioned in the filing table. 
3 interest rate 
This subject will be the interest rate conductor committee according to the time period. 
  Debt flow way: Institution and mutual interest of the lender for such type of loan will be invested at least 2 companies. 
4 payment method 
A) The payment of the loan will be compulsory in writing. Monthly or monthly documents will be implemented on the basis of mutual consent by analyzing the income and project earnings. However, interest rates for monthly rental will be 1% less than quarterly subscriptions. But at the right of loan for work and Rs. 5 lakhs, the debtor will be able to repay and re-take the loan within the approved limit. Once again, you will have to take at least 50 rupees at once. 

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