• द. नं:३५२/०५५/०५६
  • पान. नं : ३०३२११५०५
  • +०४८-५४०३८० , +०४८-५४०६८०

Interest rate savings

Interest rate savings

Interest Rate: 0%


This institution has realized that the need to be adjusted by the savings rate of different savings titles and credit card deposits, which should be shared by the interest rate of 0 financial markets, according to the report 25 September 5 of Article 4 of the paragraph 4 of the cooperative criteria 2068 from the 9harmic department, revised interest rates. According to the decision of the Board of Governors of the year 2075, date 2075 By applying from September, we will provide information about the transaction according to the recommendation.

Other Saving

Mandatory savings

Interest: 8%

Child savings

Interest: 6%

Business savings

Interest: 5%

Periodic savings

Interest: 11%