• द. नं:३५२/०५५/०५६
  • पान. नं : ३०३२११५०५
  • +०४८-५४०३८० , +०४८-५४०६८०

Mandatory savings

Mandatory savings

Interest Rate: 8%


Compulsory Savings: The savings made by the member, which will be collected every month or more monthly than before, shall be called mandatory savings. In such savings, a member of the monthly minimum is Rs. 100.- Deposits can be collected above.
 The mandatory savings member will have to continue till the membership is completed, but if the person wishes for 15 years of regular savings, then he can withdraw the amount up to 90 percent of this amount. 

Other Saving

Interest rate savings

Interest: 0%

Child savings

Interest: 6%

Business savings

Interest: 5%

Periodic savings

Interest: 11%