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  • पान. नं : ३०३२११५०५
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Periodic savings

Periodic savings

Interest Rate: 10 -12%


The savings that can be collected by a member of the organization in certain periods and interest rates will be called periodic savings. In periodic savings, a member of Rs. 10,000 can be deposited 
Periodic savings can be collected for 1 year to 3 years, according to the consent of the member and the organization. The duration of periodic savings and the interest rate provided in it will be as follows 
- In 1 year periodic savings 
- In 2-year periodic savings 
- In 3 years periodic savings  
If the members have to withdraw the amount of periodic savings without the prescribed time, if 50 percent of the time spent, the amount will be paid 50% of the specified interest. If 50% of time does not want to withdraw money beyond the time, interest will not be provided. 

Other Saving

Interest rate savings

Interest: 0%

Mandatory savings

Interest: 9%

Child savings

Interest: 8%

Business savings

Interest: 6%