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About Us

The establishment of this cooperative has been established on December 2055. This institution, which has been established in the activation of the local 25 women, will focus on the highest interest in the prosperity and development of the shareholders, to provide loans to the appropriate interest rate for productivity, income tax, pay-tax, to give members a competitive rate, increase the capacity of income generation, towards orienting the members, Support in economic social development The purpose of applying was the purpose. Monthly in establishment of the institution Collection of savings from 10 / - and the organization that started to flow debt is currently trading more than 25 million. On the occasion of the 52th National Co-operative Day 2065, the Division Co-operative Office, Dolkhha, provided the excellent work from the non-regional cooperative associations of non-regional organizations and presented the letter of letters as the Excellent Director to the Secretary of the Secretary on the occasion of 57th National Co-operative Day.

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To conduct programs related to security, social and cultural and environmental adaptation of the community and maintain proper fair, loan, transit and security related programs....


"The aggregate dynamics in the market, the beneficiaries and the delayed financial cooperative organizations"...


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